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Khalil Goran, Chairman

Mr. Khalil Goran is the chairman of the Goran Group, which consists of several companies in varied business sectors, including trading and contracting companies, power generators supplies and medical and cosmetic devices and equipments. He also owns several factories, hospitals, drug stores and pharmacies.

Mr. Khalil Goran comes from a well-known family in Erbil. He started his business alone at a young age in 1981 where he opened a small agricultural supply store. Then, his business expanded into electrical equipments as well where he gained an exclusive accreditation for trading power generators from international brands.

Mr. Goran's goal is to expand the group and include new and developed trading fields, to provide the citizens and the country in general with international trading brands in different industries, such as the fast-evolving communications technology. His primary focus is putting the financial resources and the group's extensive experience in market needs analysis together to provide the future clients with excellent services and products through a wide network of customer service centers in the middle east and Africa, creating a unique trading brand, and occupying a prominent place among the leading distribution companies in the world.

Mr. Goran graduated from the Institute of Agriculture, department of agricultural machines in Nimrud, Mosul, Iraq.


Rojbayan Rojbayani, Legal advisor and Consultant

Rojbayan Rojbayani is a Legal Advisor and consultant at Goran Group. He is responsible for providing legal advice and consultation in a business context, and formulating contracts and agreements between the group and other companies or parties. 

In his role as a Legal Advisor for the group, Rojbayan provided the group with several successful business contracts and agreements, such as:

•The investment contract with the Kidney Hospital.

•Obtaining legal approvals for establishing the Barrels factory (The first Barrels factory in Iraq).

•Gaining approvals to build stores for Goran Group.

• License for the oil refinery in Iraq.

•Obtaining approvals for establishing stores, bake houses and generator shops.

•Formulating the biggest contract with Korek Telecom, to supply them with generators, oil and spare parts.

•Regulating commercial contracts with governmental organizations, like the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Peshmerga and the Ministry of Interior.

Rojbayan graduated from Salahaddin University-Erbil in Kurdistan in 2006.


Osama Albedawi, General Manager and Director of Operations

Osama started his professional career in telecommunications industry in Jordan in 1999 with Telephono, golden Mobil, mabco, Almasa, Fasttelecom and Goran groupHis functional management and leadership skills enabled the company to be an authorized distributor of Siemens Mobile devices, with 05% market share of the mobile phone market in Jordan. Then the company succeeded in increasing Siemens share to 17% by the year 2003.

In 2003, and due the management's successful expansion strategies, the company became an authorized distributor for Motorola mobile devices in Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. Then, and with the continued support from the corporate Motorola Company, Motorola's share ranked second in Jordan's market, after Nokia.

In 2009 the company became an authorized distributor for LG Mobile devices in Jordan and Iraq. While the initial market share did not exceed 0.025%, it jumped to 11% in Jordan, and 7% in Iraq in 2010. In 2011, the market share exceeded 18%. Osama's experience has helped the company to expand its distribution network in a short period in time to include more countries such as Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and Iran, where the company conquered a high ranking market value in each country. 

In 2011 the company added Nokia to its list of global mobile phones brands, and established an excellent network of after-sales service centers, resulting in increasing the sales and revenue.

In 2013 the company brought Samsung mobile devices in, and became the authorized distributor for Samsung phones in Iraq, Tunisia, Libya and Morocco. As the expansion continued, the company became an authorized distributor for Huawei mobile devices too in several markets, such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Egypt, and built a network of customer service centers in those countries to sell mobile phones to customers, using customized strategies designed to suit different markets.

In 2014 the company obtained Apple's authorization to distribute Apple mobile devices in the GCC region, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, and became a prominent provider of customer service in those countries. Our next step is to expand to new markets, such as Sudan and Africa. 

Diyar Shuany, Marketing Director

Diyar Shuany is an enthusiastic marketing guru with over 9-year experience in the marketing, communication and advertising industries. His areas of expertise include:  Market Research, Competitive Analysis, PR, Media buying, Social Media, Product Development and Promotional programs.

Diyar is a highly effective communicator. His network of relations varies from journalists to other media specialists in Iraq. He is well-versed in analyzing the market needs, and has unique insights into commercial trends in the region.

He worked at international agencies, such as Y&R / Wunderman with clients across different sectors, including Jaguar & Land Rover, KIA Motors, LG, Samsung, Almasa Apple & CAT distributor,, and many more. While there, he led a broad range of successful marketing plans and advertising campaigns and promotions. He also managed new product marketing opportunities, resulting in successful development and launch of new products and services to the Middle East market, accelerating the sales and increasing the revenue growth for his client’s year over year.

Select examples of his career accomplishments include:

•Increasing LG market share from 0.5% to 14% of the mobile phones market in Iraq.

•Increasing Samsung sales of mobile devices In Iraq by 80 percent during Samsung Shopping Festival. 

•Almasa Apple & CAT distributor: Increasing sales, becoming customers' favorite devices provider and introducing new products to the markets successfully.

Diyar graduated from Cihan University in Business Administration. He is also a graduate of Britannia College (Cambridge college of English) in Kurdistan.