Khalil Goran Company

General Trading Company Located in Erbil

It is one of the biggest in equipping power generators. The company is specialized in equipping power generators of all sizes for government institutions, ministries, companies, hospitals and other official offices in addition to post-sale services.
The company holds an exclusive accreditation from GENPOWER that is based in Turkey for providing power generators of all sizes of the following types, VOLVO PENTA Swedish-made alternator Stamford UK origins of all sizes GVP 110 KVA – 710 KVA.

The company also has a contract in provides food supplies for the United Nations.
The company work: 

  • A contract of providing beans with the Iraqi Trade Ministry 2008. 
  • A contract to provide sugar materials and oil in 2010. 
  • Rice supplied contract at the end of 2011. 
  • In the generators section, the last tender in 2014 with the United Nations for providing PERKINS generating sets GPR50 KVA.


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