Bahceci Medical Center

Bakhaji Center is considered one of the most important and powerful medical centers, as it is located in the city center on 30th Street, in addition to its endeavor to possess all that is modern in the field of medical equipment and health care.


Department of Gynecology, Infertility, IVF and Obstetrics
Department of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery
Department of urology, infertility and varicose veins in men
Department of Orthopedics, Traumatology and Orthopedics
Department of Vertebrae, Brain and Nervous System
Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation


Treatment of infertility in women and men (IVF / IVF).
ICSI IVF technology
Sperm storage ability
The ability to store embryos for a period of not less than 10 years
Examination of uterus susceptibility to the fetus ERA, CD56
ACGH, NGS comprehensive examination of fetal chromosomes
PGT (fetal chromosome projection)
Perform laparoscopic procedures to remove ovarian cysts, uterine fibers and fallopian tubes
Performing laparoscopic operations to rehabilitate the birth defects of the uterus
Prenatal Diagnosis (sonar, genetic checks, the first of its kind in Iraq such as NIPTY TEST)
Performing normal and cesarean delivery and other gynecological surgeries
Periodic monitoring of pregnant women

Mesotherapy (freshness, whitening, slimming)
Removal of polyps, moles
Golden threads and Nefertiti threads
Removing hair from the entire body or from certain areas
Remove the effects of wounds, burns and acne scars
Hair, beard and eyebrow transplantation
Tattoo removal
All plastic surgeries, including:
Plastic surgery of the nose and ear and tummy tuck
Breast augmentation and reduction
Chest and butt lift

Genetic investigations of genetically transmitted diseases.
Fetal intrauterine examinations to detect diseases and genetic defects such as Down syndrome.
Genetic tests for hematology.
Genetic tests for infertility in men and women.
Chemical and biological analyzes.
The pharmacy


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