Minas Company

A company Specialized in Health and cosmetics products

The Minas company is one of the members of Gorangroup of companies from Iraq, Company was founded in 2009 with a specialization in the distribution of medical instrument and laboratory equipment and disposable products, then dental department starts in 2010 to import and distribute dental care products, in 2013 starts Distribution cosmetic products with fast-growing from market development. The company headquarter was settled down in Erbil, 60-meter street in a small office, because of the position of this city in the Erbil Kurdistan region. After growing the Cosmetic department move to the modern independent office was established with the head office in Erbil, 83 English Village.
 Read more on the official website https://minascosmetic.com/


The products are certificated by the ministry of health and approved officially , Our brands are : Biobalance , Episiva , Nutrigrow and Diapex.


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