Saray Baklava & Kebap

“Saray Baklava & Kebap” restaurant is a wonderful combination of Turkish cousine and the hospitality of Turkish natives.The main twist of the restaurant is cooking dishes on open fire right below the guests eyes. In fact “Saray Baklava & Kebap” might be called a (meat restaurant) Because there are great variety of dishes of lamb and chicken in menu.

Also the restaurant offers business lunches and delicious breakfasts which is great for those who live or work around. “Saray Baklava & Kebap” big and friendly family united by family values,Turkish traditions are warm and always welcome guests and offers them the most delicious meals and drinks. Our chefs cook meals for you with love like for cooking to their own family.

And in the last but not least, as in any oriental tale, evrything ending Sweetly, here you will find a nice assortment of a fresh oriental sweets prepared by our chefs, so don’t forgot to try it.


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