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The Power of Union in Your Hand

Welcome To our Group Of Companies

Goran Group comprises of several sectors with different approaches and with a united and professional team aiming at increasing the benefits and the expansion of its work based on the decisions of the Chief Executive Officer and the committee of monitoring and planning.

The group consists of nine companies, five factories, three hospitals and a drugstore. Mr. Khalil Goran’s first company was founded under the name of Khalil Goran Company for generators and trading power plants and heavy equipment; it gradually developed until it became Goran Group in 2005. 

Goran Group is an active member of the Arabic-British Trade Chamber. It is also the main distributor of global PERKINS & VOLVO PENTA products as well as light towers and spare parts.

Our Specialization

General Trading

Khalil Goran for General Trading


Brnj Restaurant, Saraya Kabab & Baqlawa

Health Care

Donobela Bahcaci, Minas Company


Goran Generator, Goran Company


Falken Oil, Jazeerat El Naft

General Constructions

Swar Chak

Mr. Khalil

Mr. Khalil Abu Mirza​

The Chief Executive Officer of Goran Group​

Mr. Khalil, entered business form it narrow gate, and insisted to work alone as in 1981 he started with setting up a small store for selling agricultural martials. Although he started business in a young age, yet he finished his education. 

 Currently, he is head of the Administration Board of Goran Group, which consists of several trading companies, constructions,  and selling power generators, medical and plastic surgery materials and equipment.

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