Goran Company For Generator

Goran Company For Generator

Established in 2003, providing the public and private sectors with generators at the best price and the highest quality that makes it number one in Iraq. It offers Power Generators as Perkins / UK and Leroy-Somer Alternators / French origin

  • Iraq's top power supplier

    Iraq's top power supplier

    Launched in 2003, The Goran Company is Iraq's foremost power supplier, known for our generators with British Perkins engines and French Liposome power technology. We provide tailored services, dedicated staff, exceptional customer service, and original parts, ensuring top-tier support and sustainability across the region.

  • Leading quality and assistance

    Leading quality and assistance

    At The Goran Company, we ensure customer satisfaction with our reliable generators, featuring a one-year warranty or 1000 hours of operation. Enjoy affordable prices, expert support, original parts, and comprehensive after-sales service, all backed by our certificate of origin.

  • Advancing Kurdistan's Growth

    Advancing Kurdistan's Growth

    From our founding, The Goran Company has sold around 4,230 generators to both private and governmental sectors in Kurdistan and beyond. Trusted by the Kurdistan Regional Government and various industries, we are committed to reliable power solutions and continuous development.

  • Developing Lasting Relationships for Success

    Developing Lasting Relationships for Success

    The Goran Company deeply values the trust and collaboration shared with the Kurdistan Regional Government and our loyal customers. Working together, we aim to maintain consistent power provision for citizens and contribute to economic prosperity. Our commitment to innovation and excellence propels us forward in the ever-changing landscape of power generation.

  • Spare Part

    Spare Part

    Goran Generator stands out in the industry with its commitment to Spare Parts Stocks. We maintain inventory of spare parts for all diesel generator types, ensuring swift access and efficient service.

  • Customer Care and Support Offerings

    Customer Care and Support Offerings

    Goran Generator boasts an expansive service network, ready to tackle complex fault detection, elimination, and maintenance. Our after-sales services are categorized into periodical maintenance with and without materials, ensuring support for your needs. Access our services through the Service Request Form & Diesel Generator user manual, or simply contact us for assistance.

  • Generator Sets Maintenance Services

    Generator Sets Maintenance Services

    Goran Mobile Workshop is fully equipped to swiftly diagnose any defects. Utilizing latest technology, we ensure rapid and accurate diagnosis of issues with diesel generator sets ranging from 10 to 3500 kVA, right at the beneficiary's site. Our technicians undergo regular advanced training globally to stay updated on the latest techniques For all repair and service inquiries regarding generator sets, please reach out to us.


Guiding Kurdistan's development since 2003

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