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With human resources up to 400 employees. Goran Group provide its services in many Iraqi governorates, where its centers, which are directly linked to the head office in Erbil city - Kurdistan region, under one management approach.

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United in Excellence, Goran Group thrives across diverse sectors, guided by visionary leadership. With a professional team and strategic

Our Strategy

Goran Group operate on the principle of comprehensiveness and multiplicity of services in many basic areas in the market.The importance of this principle is to connect the customer chain between our companies so that we get customer satisfaction by providing all services through many local companies. We are also working to strengthen the single field of work with after-sales services, such as trading diesel generators, which are supported by an expert maintenance department and a department specialized in spare parts that provides everything you need.All these elements make us confident to provide better service and higher performance to our customers.

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Our Mission is to raise the reputation of our business through our honesty, reliability and faithfulness, and continue to meet generators need for clients all over IRAQ for many coming years.

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Our Vision is to activate all our sources including the knowledge and experience that we have gained in a way that will satisfy our customers and employees with the customer satisfaction understanding of the 21st century without compromising the quality of our work.